Jr. Rodeo


Established in 1993, the Fortuna Junior Rodeo is the largest Jr. Rodeo in Northern California. The Junior Rodeo is set for Wednesday and Thursday July 13th and 14th this year! Visit the Fortuna Junior Rodeo on Facebook here.

Where young cowboys and cowgirls compete for saddles, buckles, and cash awards!

The Fortuna Junior Rodeo was just a thought in the minds of several parents many years ago. Today it is the largest Jr. rodeo in Northern California and is a success due to their hard work and dedication, and of course the generous funding from local Humboldt County sponsors.

The Fortuna Junior Rodeo Committee was established in 1993 for the development and growth of youth in rodeo. It was to conduct, promote and produce youth athletes for the champions of tomorrow. Rodeo events such as these teach children responsibility and sportsmanship, as well as, fostering family support as they compete.  This rodeo offers the chance for young cowboys and cowgirls to compete in two days of fun and camaraderie.      

The Jr. Rodeo has the highest cash paybacks in Northern California, which attracts young competitors from all over the state.

The Junior Rodeo is a multi-event rodeo for children ages 2 to 18.  The contestants’ events are divided into four age groups. 

Visit the Fortuna Junior Rodeo on Facebook here.