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 20th Annual Fortuna Junior Rodeo Roundup

Youngsters Compete for Saddles & Buckles

The Fortuna Junior Rodeo Roundup was just a thought in the minds of several parents many years ago. Today it is a success due to their hard work and dedication, and generous funding from sponsors.

The Fortuna Junior Rodeo Roundup Committee was established in 1993 for the development and growth of youth and rodeo. It was to conduct, promote and produce youth competitors for the champions of tomorrow. Rodeo events teach youths responsibility, sportsmanship and how to be team players. It also fosters family support.

6 All-Around Champion Trophy saddles, 28  Trophy buckles,  along with awards for 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded. The large cash and price paybacks for the winners is the committee's way of attracting more competition for our small number of local rodeo kids.

Junior Rodeo Application: Jr_RodeoEntryForm.pdf

The Junior Rodeo Roundup is a multi-event rodeo for kids 18 and under. The contestants events are divided into three age groups:

(ages 6 and under)

  1. Dummy Roping
  2. Goat Ribbon Race
  3. Single Stake

Junior Boys and Junior Girls
(7-10 years old)

  1. Boys Jr./Jr. Goat Tying
  2. Boys Jr./Jr. Breadaway
  3. Girls Jr./Jr. Goat Tying
  4. Girls Jr./Jr. Breadaway
  5. Girls Jr./Jr. Barrels
  6. Girls Jr./Jr.Poles

Junior Boys and Senior Girls
(11-13 years old

  1. Jr. Boys Breakaway
  2. Jr. Boys Goat Tying
  3. Jr.Girls Barrel Racing
  4. Jr. Girls Pole Bending
  5. Jr. Girls Goat Tying
  6. Jr. Girls Breakaway

Senior Boys and Senior Girls
(14-18 years old)

  1. Sr. Boys Tie Downf Roping
  2. Sr. Boys Chute Dogging
  3. Sr. Boys Steer Stopping
  4. Sr. Bull Riding
  5. Sr. Girls Pole Bending
  6. Sr. Girls Barrels
  7. Sr. Girls Goat Tying
  8. Sr. Girls Breakaway

Contestants will compete for the All-Around Championship titles in each of the four groups. Each All-Around Champion will be awarded a Trophy Saddle. The Fortuna Rodeo Junior Roundup Committee will sponsor four of the saddles, and Great Western Clothing Company will sponsor a sixth saddle. Trophy buckles will also be awarded to each first place winner in each event.

Fortuna Junior Round-Up Facebook Page.

Contact: Kris 707.722.1988 for more information.
Junior Rodeo Application: Jr_RodeoEntryForm.pdf

P.O. Box 625 • Fortuna, CA 95540-0625

E-mail: info@fortunarodeo.com • Telephone: 707.725.3959
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