n nrhrna , ya  Beam on102 - THIS RODEO WAS FOR YOU! With the 102nd Fortuna Rodeo in the record books, our eyes are on July 6th through the 14th, 2024 for Fortuna Rodeo 104!

    The 2023 Fortuna Rodeo Gary Edgmon Memorial All-Around saddle winner is Jennifer Renner, who also won the All-around saddle back in 2019. Congratulations, cowgirl! Meanwhile, Jennifer's daughter Reese, shown on the left, won the pee-wee division all around saddle at the Fortuna Junior Rodeo!

    Thanks to Double D Steakhouse for the photo!

    Thanks and congratulations to our Bullfighters Only Sequoia Cup Champion, Layton Woodbury of Carson, North Dakota:


    Ribbon Roping - 1st: Emily Machado / Gannon Chapman.   2nd: Dawson McWhorter

    Saddle Bronc Saturday - 1st: Reno McGill,  2nd: Roman Reyes,  3rd: Matt Cicisly,  4th: Justin Wilson

    Local Team Roping - 1st: Dennis Fitze/Doug Glen tied with Alex Fitze/Adam Fitze   2nd: Becky Bean/Aaron Bean

    Barrel Racing - 1st: Nina Moore,  2nd: Emma Pecora Smith,  3rd: Emily Machado,  4th: Dally Sue Hunt,  5th: Tessa Huston

    Team Roping - 1st: Paden Prior/Kyle Stewart,  2nd: Kaley Schorovsky/Kyle Schorovsky,  3rd: Bryon Menkin/Clayton Moore,  4th: John Swaner/Aaron Bean,  5th:  Jace Hower/Jayden Silva

    Calf Roping - 1st: Ben McWhorter, 2nd: Jace Kelly, 3rd: Corey Fitze

    Steer Wrestling - 1st: Brandon Green, 2nd: Trent Watkins, 3rd: James Banister

    Break-Away Roping - 1st: Sienna Radelfinger, 2nd: Jennifer Reiner, 3rd: Kyle Watkins, 4th, Addie Tilton, 5th: Taylor Unke

    Saddle Bronc Riding Sunday - 1st: Roman Reyes, 2nd Denton Mars

    Ranch Bronc - 1st: Tristan Taylor, 2nd: Blair Beeson

    Saddle Bronc Sunday - 1st: Roman Reyes, 2nd: Denton Mars